GTA 3 Cheats and codes (+Definitive Edition)

Immediately after the release of GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition, the remaster of the classic three-dimensional Grand Theft Auto games, it became known that despite the change of the engine all the old cheats work in the game.

We bring you a nostalgic list of cheats for GTA 3 in case your memory fails you. Recall that they should enter directly into the game – no console is unnecessary.

Cheats and codes for GTA III – The Definitive Edition

  • gunsgunsguns – get all guns.
  • ifiwerearchman – get $250,000.
  • gesundheit – restore health.
  • turtoise – get 100% of your armor.
  • morepoliceplease – get more police stars.
  • nopoliceplease – get more police stars.
  • giveusatank – get a tank.
  • bangbangbang – blow up all the cars around.
  • ilikedressingup – to change the protagonist’s clothes.
  • itsallgoingmaaad – crazy pedestrians.
  • nobodylikesme – all passersby attack you.
  • weaponsforall – everyone fights each other.
  • madweather – the clock goes faster.
  • booooring – more dynamic gameplay.
  • skincancerforme – sunny weather.
  • ilikescotland – cloudy weather.
  • ilovescotland – rainy weather.
  • peasoup – foggy weather.
  • anicesetofwheels – invisible car bodies.
  • chittycittybb – flying car.
  • cornerslikemad – improved car control.

GTA 3 cheats are used by people for a variety of reasons. Some players use cheats to increase the difficulty level and test their game skills, while others use them to speed up the game.

Some cheats in GTA III can help the player to get access to new weapons, vehicles, armor, or money, which can make the game more interesting. Also, cheats can be useful if the player is stuck in a mission or can’t pass a certain level.

However, it should be remembered that the use of cheats can change the gameplay and negatively affect the game experience. In addition, the use of cheats may lead to a loss of interest in the game in the future, when the player becomes bored playing without them.